Vancouver, British Columbia–(February 28, 2019) – Iconic Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: ICM) (OTC Pink: BVTEF) (FSE: YQGB) (“Iconic” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the launch of a “CEO Verified” Discussion Forum on AGORACOM.  The forum will serve as the Company’s primary social media platform to interact with both shareholders and the broader investment community in a fully moderated environment.

Iconic will also receive significant exposure through millions of content brand insertions on the AGORACOM network and extensive search engine marketing over the next 12 months.  In addition, exclusive sponsorships of invaluable digital properties such as AGORACOM TV, the AGORACOM home page and the AGORACOM Twitter account will serve to significantly raise the brand awareness of the Company among small cap investors.


AGORACOM “CEO Verified” provides the first ever identity verification of small cap executives on a finance platform.  For the first time ever, small cap CEO’s and other company officers can post or communicate within a discussion forum without the risk of impersonation leading to catastrophic consequences.  As the ultimate influencers of their own companies, “CEO Verified” Forums will create  levels of engagement between companies and investors that have long desired civilized, constructive and factual conversation, with no limitations as to the number of characters.

Posts to AGORACOM are shareable on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which enables the Company to continue utilizing these channels while making AGORACOM the primary HUB of investor engagement.

There are no log-in requirements for investors to visit the forum and read posts.  Those wishing to post questions, comments and interact with company officers can quickly log-in using their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, or create an anonymous new user account.

The Iconic Discussion Forum can be found at:
The Verified Director at launch is Keturah Nathe, Director of the Company.

Keturah Nathe stated: “Social media participation is integral for shareholder communication, as well as the growth of public companies.  AGORACOM forums are purpose built to facilitate intelligent discussion, and to provide meaningful content.  I encourage everyone to read and participate in our CEO Verified Discussion Forum to create vibrant and constructive discussions for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders. ”

George Tsiolis, AGORACOM Founder stated: “This is a service that is long overdue for small cap companies, executives and long-term shareholders that have had no choice but to watch their company message get hijacked on unmonitored forums by unscrupulous investors.  CEO Verified Discussion Forums are the best solution, and it is free, so every small cap CEO in North America should be using it and every small cap shareholder should be demanding it.”


The Company intends, subject to receipt of acceptance from the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSX-V”), to issue common shares in its capital stock (the “Common Shares”) to AGORA in exchange for the Services. The number of Common Shares to be issued at the end of each period will be determined by using the closing price of the Common Shares of the Company on the TSX-V on the first trading day following the end of each period for which the Services were provided by AGORA.

Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, the Company will be paying AGORA a total of $60,000 + HST by the issuance of Common Shares as follows:

The term of the Agreement is for 12 months effective February 20, 2019, subject to TSX-V acceptance.


Iconic has several quality Lithium and Gold exploration projects in Nevada, USA, primarily focusing exploration and development efforts on the Bonnie Claire Lithium Property The Bonnie Claire is located within the Sarcobatus Valley that is approximately 30 km (19 miles) long and 20 km (12 miles) wide. Iconic recently completed a NI 43-101 technical resource study where the report defined an Inferred resource11.839 billion pounds of elemental lithium. The 5.370 billion kg resource is equivalent to 28.584 billion kilograms (28.584 million tonnes) of LCE, with the average grade being 963 ppm lithium.  Early initial metallurgy showed leach recoveries of 83% to 98% Li, leaching with dilute acid and 11% to 56% leaching with distilled water.  Iconic will be initiating its Phase 2 drilling program in 2019, where the data will be used towards completion of a pre-feasibility study.  Iconic has two other highly prospective Lithium exploration properties, which are also located in Nevada.


AGORACOM is the pioneer of online marketing, broadcasting, conferences and investor relations services to North American small and mid-cap public companies, with more than 300 companies served. AGORACOM is the home of more than 767K investors that visited 5.2 million times and read 53 million pages of information every year.  The average duration of visit of 8min 43sec is more than double that of global financial sites, which can be attributed to the implementation and enforcement of the strongest moderation rules in the industry (All Metrics Average 2008 – 2017).

AGORACOM traffic ranks within the top 0.5% of all websites around the world. These traffic results are independently tracked and verified by Google analytics. AGORACOM traffic can be attributed to its strategy of maintaining the cleanest, moderated small-cap discussion, as well as, implementation of the first ever Investor Controlled Stock Discussion Forums in 2007.  10 years later, in 2017, AGORACOM launched the first ever “CEO Verified” Discussion Forums to allow Small Cap CEO’s and Company officers to post comments in a fully verified, moderated and social media shareable environment.

For further information on AGORACOM, please contact:

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SIGNED : “Richard Kern”

Richard Kern, President and CEO

Contact:  Keturah Nathe, VP Corporate Development

(604) 336-8614


For further information on Iconic, please visit our website at

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