Drilling Underway on the Bonnie Claire Lithium Project

The planned drill program will entail drilling from five (5) separate drill sites which are spaced approximately one-half mile apart and being drilled to a depth of 2,000 feet (610 meters).

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“Developing Economic Lithium and Gold Properties in Nevada”

Iconic has several quality Lithium and Gold exploration projects in Nevada, USA. Our flagship property, The Bonnie Claire Sarcobatus Valley Lithium property, encompasses 695 claims covering over 36.09 square miles (93.48 sq. kms) or 23100 acres. Assays of the cuttings from the  drill holes resulted in the discovery of Lithium enriched sediments averaging 1,153 PPM over 1,560 feet (475 meters) and containing a maximum grade of 2,550 ppm Li. Initial leaching tests applying dilute acid to the drill cuttings resulted in recoveries as high as 98%. 

Lithium Properties

Gold Properties

The Bonnie Claire Lithium Project

23,100 Acres Up to 2,550 ppm lithium 5.37 million tonnes inferred (LCE)  One of the largest lithium resources in the US!

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